Bed bug advertorial

Bed bug advertorial

Ecolab is the world leader in cleaning, hygiene, food safety and infection control. Operating in over 160 countries, they have 23,000 staff worldwide and global sales of £2.5 billion. They have an £10 million annual R&D budget assigned to pest elimination and more than 200 R&D employees around the world.

Believe it or not, bed bugs are making a comeback and this advertorial in the trade press outlined the current situation and how it might impact on businesses in the UK hospitality industry. It gave insights into the biology of the bed bug, gave advice on how to spot an infestation, how damaging it can be for business and what business owners can do to remove the problem.

It also included details of the latest innovation to come out of Ecolab's research into bed bugs - a new and exclusive portable heat treatment for use on soft furnishings and furniture. It's small, discreet, fast and effective and uses electricity not diesel, so it's more environmentally friendly.


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