Why choose me for your copywriting project?

Perhaps you're not sure about giving your project to a professional copywriter.

I'd seriously recommend that you do. Even if you're not giving it to me, choose another freelance copywriter. There are loads on the net.

With expertly written copy, your company will look more professional. The copy will sell your products or services much more strongly. And people will want to buy from you. Doing it yourself or getting another non-professional to do it for you will certainly be cheaper. But it could do untold damage to your brand, your image and your whole business.

So if you have decided to give this job to a copywriter, why should it be me?

With over 30 years in the business, I'm one of the most experienced and fastest freelance writers in the Midlands. Which means you get it fast and usually right first time, saving you money on hours spent and rewrites.

I've worked for a whole range of companies in just about every kind of sector. Take a look at my CV and you'll see what I mean. There's a good chance I've worked for a company like yours in the past. So there's no learning curve and you get the copy back more quickly.

This experience also means that I'm versatile. I'm just as happy writing a snappy one liner as an in-depth article, a glossy corporate brochure as a press release and of course, a creative web banner as an SEO website.

In short, you can have the creativity and experience of a writer who has big ad agency skills. But without paying the big ad agency bills. Email me and I'll give you a price.